Cultivating Faith That Grows

Being made in the image of God means we are conduits of His character. Listen in to Conversations for Life to hear how this paradigm helps us grow lasting faith in our children.

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Why CrossLife?

CrossLife is meeting the heartfelt, core needs of Christians who want the kind of marriages and families that God designed us to have, which carry His glory and blessing to the farthest corners of the world.


About Us

Who are we at CrossLife and what do we believe? What guides our mission?


Why CrossLife?

You may have wondered why CrossLife is called CrossLife. It’s a marriage and family ministry, right? Why doesn’t it say something about family in the name?

Because family is not the ultimate center of our lives. God is.

The family is the locus of our formation as people, and our launching ground out into the world. Even after we leave our families of origin, we are influenced by them for the rest of our lives, including in how we create our new families. For those of us who become husbands and wives, mothers and fathers, our family is our first ministry, the place where we proclaim the works of God to the coming generation.

Family matters a lot, and that’s why CrossLife exists. It’s right to exercise wisdom and creativity and hard work in creating a family that has a strong identity.

But the family exists not merely for itself, but for God. The family is meant to point its own members and the world to its Creator: the Lord God Almighty. If we haven’t set our hearts and minds upon doing that, we are not succeeding. Happily, we know that God in his grace blesses even our feeble efforts, so that a mustard seed of faith exercised in raising a God-exalting family can grow forests.

That’s why we’re called CrossLife. Our lives, our marriages, and our parenting derive both our purpose and our power from the God who died on the cross to free us for his Kingdom. For from him, and through him, and to him are all things—to him be glory forever. Amen!